First of all, we don't want to see you go! Please read the following threads for more information on the Curves workout and why your results may not be what you expected:

Are you getting the most out of your Curves workout?
Are you drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day?
Do you know what your results mean?
Why the scale lies!
Why you shouldn't place 100% faith in your body fat % measurement!
Are you doing everything possible to keep your weigh and measure accurate?

If you still want to quit Curves after reading all of the above threads, continue on.

The following assumes that your Curves location charges $29/month for check draft (CD) members and those who pay the year in full; $39/month for a month-to-month membership. There is also an assumption that taxes do not apply. Please be aware of how much your Curves charges and whether there are any applicable taxes in your state/province.

Month-to-Month Membership: No charge.

Check draft:
- Payment per month changes to month-to-month charge; $10/month extra (From $29/month to $39/month), to a maximum of $50
- Example 1: If you have been a member of Curves for 4 months, then quit, you will need to pay $40 extra.
- Example 2: If you have been a member of Curves for 10 months, then quit, you will pay $50, as this is the maximum charge.
- You must give 30 days notice; if your check draft falls within those 30 days, the Curves location reserves the right to charge you for that month.

Yearly Contract:
- Similar to the check draft, you will get all your money back, minus $10/month for your remaining contract, to a maximum of $50.
- Once again, you must give 30 days notice; your Curves location reserves the right to charge you for any part of the last month

If you join at a discounted rate and decide to end your contract early, you will still be charged the difference between the discounted rate and the regular month-to-month rate.

If you pay an initiation or start-up fee, this is non-refundable.

Edit: If you are past your first year at Curves (i.e., you have been attending Curves for over 12 months), your location may not charge you anything for cancelling your contract. However, you still will not get a refund on your initiation fee.

Please see your Curves location for specifics about cancelling your contract. Some locations do not allow members to cancel out of a yearly contract, unless there are serious mitigating circumstances.